My Buddy - Digital Oil Drawing by Shane Acuff

Our four legged friends bring so much joy to our lives!

Heres to the gratitude of being a good steward and guardian in return!

Art by Shane Acuff

Watch a quick time lapse replay of Shane completing the painting!

Elephant - Illustrative Watercolor Shoulder Tattoo by Shane Acuff

One of the great things about tattoos is that they say a lot about us, and we get to wear them for the rest of our lives! Imagine all the experiences this elephant will have riding on our client's shoulder for the rest of her stay on Earth!

Tattoo by Shane Acuff

Go into the picture and check out a live look at this beautiful elephant!

Viking Woman - Digital Ink Drawing by Shane Acuff


To roam the seas on Odens wind, to die for brother, sister, friend.

To face a world with fear unknown, to sail across waters the ice has known.

Longing to give life in the service of all, no thought to cower behind cover of wall.

Those who give all know great peace in the moment, in forgetting themselves they become their atonement!


Art by Shane Acuff

Watch a quick time-lapse replay below of Shane’s working on the drawing: