Warrior Spirit - Pencil on Paper Drawing / by Shane Acuff

A few words from a talented writer named Khaled Allen:

"The warrior stands defiant, spear in hand, looking over a vast plain. Below him is a world full of challenge and adversity, dangerous enemies and tempting shortcuts.

Beyond is a great mountain range, full of promise certainly, but hiding even greater challenges.

On the other side…who knows?

Hope, transcendence, enlightenment.

Or perhaps darker, more sinister rewards hide behind those peaks.

All the Warrior knows is that he has decided to scale them, carve a path through the plains and over the mountains, leading the way for others who seek a better life on the other side, guiding them and defending the tribe from the dangers ahead.

He knows he may not survive, but he has prepared well and is among the greatest, most capable leaders of his tribe.

He is confident and eager to begin."

Art by Shane Acuff + Text by Khaled Allen